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Why always the red sauce?

Simply, I’ve grown out of my red (a.k.a. tomato, pasta, marinara, pizza, etc) sauce.  Yet, when shopping for groceries, I continue to buy a jar.  I think, “Oh, better pick one up to ‘have in the house’.”

Can anyone tell me why I continue to buy pasta sauce when I’m totally not a fan… and almost cringe with the thought of dousing beautiful pasta with it? Anyone? HELP?

Again, last night, I was in a crunch for supper and thought, oh, a little baked pasta and sauce with cheese would be excellent along with some garlic toast.  It sounded excellent, in concept.  I spiked the sauce with onions, mushrooms and g/peppers along with healthy doses of garlic, basil and oregano.  Yet, it was still there.. it was still a red sauce.

But I ate it. And as I did, I thought… “Alfredo, where are you?” Followed by, “Damn, I really don’t care too much for g/peppers anymore, r/peppers are far better.”

So, apart from making homemade lasagna, I’m quitting the red sauce.  I was given a jar last week (free shopping raid) and it shall be my last.

But, if not for the red, what are my other options?  Suggestions?


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The dinner experiment, Part II

After getting home later than I had expected, I immediately popped the pork into the oven.  While that was roasting,  I cooked up some flavoured rice and sauted some peas and spinach in butter and thyme.

The pork came out sweet and juicy, yet not much flavour.  It seems that the experiment was successful but not great.   The roast needed some company in the pan, however, I wasnt sure what would go with the maple marinade. 

Better luck next time, I guess.  I have leftovers today, which is good.  Supper was yummy, but it didn’t blow me away.

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The dinner experiment…

So, the ex is moving back “home”. With that, he is emptying his apartment. As like most of us during a move,  he is trying to rid his dwelling of belongings, including food items. Well, I’m always up for free shopping, so I stopped by on Tuesday and made away with an assortment of goodies in a black garbage bag. How cat-burglar like.

Of those goodies, I scored a jug of Canadian maple syrup (how exciting, considering I’m in Maine) and a pork tenderloin. Now this poor tenderloin has been locked up in the freezer since late September 05… so chances are, it has been dying a slow death of freezer burn. To save it, its currently in a ziplock, with a cup of maple syrup. Hopefully they are becoming friends and all shall be one come roasting time….

Let’s see how this turns out. 🙂

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