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Recipe Overload!

Ok, so Karen and I somehow started talking about Mrs. Dash seasonings (I was trying to determine a quick fire way to spice up my chicken breast for sup tonight).  So then we compared Mrs. Dash memories.

I then went to the website to determine which jars I had. And much to our surprise, their recipes are numerous and sound super tasty!

I’m actually modifying this recipe tonight to make due with what I have in the house. 

I’m using orange juice and tomat/basil/garlic seasoning mix instead of lime j. and e. spicy.

Go forth and check out the recipes. Karen fell onto this cornbread recipe. Sounds wicked. Its on the “bake list”.

P.S. My modified cajun chicken came out wonderful.  It was actually finished a bit before the rice and so I put a lid on it while on the grill to keep it from drying out. Awesome.


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Grocery Shopping.

I love grocery shopping… and today I get all my fresh produce! Not only will I have something yummy tonight for supper, but I’ll have meaningful lunches for the week. 🙂

Also, I want to try making jalapeno poppers.  I seen the recipe while watching the food network yesterday. After searching the website, I’ve decided to combine two recipes. However, I’m not sure if grilling them inside will work as well as grilling on a bbq outside. So I may have to wait. 

Tonight,  I feel like ravioli with pesto and yellow pepper.  Excellent as a leftover for lunch tomorrow.

Also, for lunches this week, the main course will be turkey sandwiches with spinach, cranberry and marble cheese.  I’ll see how it goes.

Argh, I want to leave work now, go shopping and eat something healthy. This weekend was alot of hotdogs for me.  (Quick and easy since I wasnt at home).

I need some pork recipes. I’ve 5 porkchops that need to be eaten over the next 3 weeks. Suggestions?

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So, its only been 5 days since my mom took my grill back to me.  And I’ve smoked up the place twice.  First, bacon.  The grill is excellent for bacon.  But last night, was even better.   The store didn’t have the salmon that I wanted… so I went with previously frozen tuna ( I know, terrible, climb back in your chair).  I let this tuna steak sit in teryaki sauce for 20 mins before grilling…while my zucchini was sauteing on the grill. I seared it 4 mins on each side (but it could have used 5, it was rather thick).

But glorious it was.  However, I think I like salmon for as a on the fly meal.  Tuna is better when its planned: soaked in dill and lemon. 

Tonight, something not so good. Payday is next week!

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Quick and dirty, as it was the other night.

Again, I’ll make mention of the magic bullet, but any food processor will do the trick.

Cook up some pasta, the shape of your choice. I used bowties the other night (Farfelle).  Meanwhile, saute spinach and onions in butter. Make the bullet alfredo sauce (previous post). Add the spinach and onion along with some garlic and thyme. Give a whiz.  Pour into microwaveble container, zap for 1 minute.  Whiz again and pour onto pasta.

It may not be Bobby Flay, but it was damn good. 

I’m a spinach lover… but having spinach chopped with the sauce rather than whole like the post below…totally different flavour.  I’d add some sundried tomat’s as well.

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the magic bullet. The bullet has become my best kitchen friend. But don’t tell that to my Lodge double sided griddle. Since I mistakenly forgot my griddle back home on the island, I’ve had to resort to meals without meat.  Last night, however, was excellent.

A glorious sale at the grocey store allowed me to stock up on fresh pasta…freezer friendly.  I pulled out some raviolli (4 cheese) and cooked it up.  Meanwhile, pouring through another shitty bag of spinach, I managed to get a handful and sauted it with some sliced mushrooms. A toss of salt and basil, please and thank-you.

Enter magic bullet: 1/4 c of cream (or for me ~ 1/8 cream & 1/8 1% milk), 1 tbsp of butter, 1/3 c of grated parm cheese and a touch of garlic (a touch to me, probably does not equal a touch to you). Insert a flavour of your choice here ____. Last night I chose a wallop of dried basil. However, I would also recommend throwing in some sundried tomatoes. Whizz together,  microwave for a min, whizz again.  Smell, and then pour on pasta with spinach and mushrooms.  Smell again.

Its delightful, and its not the red sauce.  However, as Karen politely pointed out, diced tomatoes might be the way to go for me (although I’m not a real tomat fan). Maybe tomatoes should meet the bullet.  Something fantastic might happen.

Once I get my griddle back, it will be time for seared tuna, I think.


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