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I’ve noticed in the last three weeks that I have been constantly hungry.  Now, at first I blamed it on my cycle… I tend to crave foods more so during that the 3rd week.  Well, 3rd week went by and I was still hungry.  So, what is going on?

I started the gym when I first moved back to Maine.  It was something that I had promised myself all during grad school.  When I finally got a real job, and was making money and was on a normal schedule, I would go to the gym.  I would make an effort to focus on my health.  I do make healthy eating choices, but did very little by way of exercise.

So, the gym. The Y.  The money pit that I try to visit atleast 3 times a week for the minimum of 40 mins.  All mood dependent. Of course.  The first month was iffy.  I was nervous… busy getting used to work etc.  However, January has been more successful.  Yet,  I’ve tried on my ‘skinny’ jeans, and well, yeah, I’m not skinny yet.  lol.  So, what the F?

I’m going to the gym. I’m eating reasonably well.  I don’t buy pepsi for the house. I don’t buy chips, ice cream, or any relative ‘junk’ food.  My morning snack usually is a piece of cheese. My afternoon snack is carrots and cottage cheese.  I eat spinach 3 times a week b/c I love it. WHAT THE F?

And so, I’ve gone ahead and done it.  The dreaded, cursed examination of food intake.  I have become a calorie counter (gag).  To examine my eating trends, I’ve decided to track for a month my eating habits to determine where/when/if I’m going down the wrong road.  And so far, I’ve decided that I’m just not eating enough food.  How bizarre.  Its also difficult to assess calories when most of your cooking is from scratch and not processed or store bought.  But I’m making the effort.  So I shall see if this leads to any insightful findings for my future health program.  I’m using the daily plate, fyi.


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