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While up in Toronto visiting my brother et al.,  I bought a new toy with the money my Aunt had given me to buy something “nice” with. And what did I buy?


Cooking is a marvelous hobby, and I’ve been dying to have one of these for a couple of years now.  However, the ‘nice’ ones are rather expensive and would be a frivalous purchase – then again so was my Le Creuset.  Meh, whatever.  I finally have my mandolin and I’m thinking of all the fun things I can do with it – such as tempura sweet potatoes!


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As per 4 blogs ago … Screw you JCPenny.com, I just ordered a 9pc Le Creuset cookware set for 300$. How utterly impulsive considering my student lifestyle. BAD GIRL.  JCPenny.com did offer the red 7 pc still for $200.  I’m sorry, but it had to be blue…and for the extra hundred bucks, I am now getting a bigger dutch oven and a casserole dish. SWEET!

Warning, enter my kitchen at your own risk.  LOL

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the magic bullet. The bullet has become my best kitchen friend. But don’t tell that to my Lodge double sided griddle. Since I mistakenly forgot my griddle back home on the island, I’ve had to resort to meals without meat.  Last night, however, was excellent.

A glorious sale at the grocey store allowed me to stock up on fresh pasta…freezer friendly.  I pulled out some raviolli (4 cheese) and cooked it up.  Meanwhile, pouring through another shitty bag of spinach, I managed to get a handful and sauted it with some sliced mushrooms. A toss of salt and basil, please and thank-you.

Enter magic bullet: 1/4 c of cream (or for me ~ 1/8 cream & 1/8 1% milk), 1 tbsp of butter, 1/3 c of grated parm cheese and a touch of garlic (a touch to me, probably does not equal a touch to you). Insert a flavour of your choice here ____. Last night I chose a wallop of dried basil. However, I would also recommend throwing in some sundried tomatoes. Whizz together,  microwave for a min, whizz again.  Smell, and then pour on pasta with spinach and mushrooms.  Smell again.

Its delightful, and its not the red sauce.  However, as Karen politely pointed out, diced tomatoes might be the way to go for me (although I’m not a real tomat fan). Maybe tomatoes should meet the bullet.  Something fantastic might happen.

Once I get my griddle back, it will be time for seared tuna, I think.


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